The Faces That You Meet


By Jane Berg

I remember now how I caused it all.

She was indifferent;
there would be people enough,
people we didn’t even know,
to celebrate this person’s birth.
But I have always been a stickler
for the simplest arithmetic
we had been invited = we should go.
What was the harm
in seeing new faces,
making acquaintances?
For once immune
to the most natural
of fears
and ignorant
to how meetings are mutual,
not easily reversed.

And so we drove
into a no longer private future.


3 thoughts on “The Faces That You Meet

  1. I am only beginning to truly appreciate how many times my husband of fifty-eight years went where he would have much preferred to avoid for me. We are total opposites in personality. The perk of getting old is we are beginning to be more and more alike…..sometimes he is even more like the younger me than I am!! So, turn about is fair play. Enjoyed this post very much. You captured the differences.


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