The Othered


By Dawn Zirley-Lyght

I have ceased otherizing
most of the othered, have long since
made mad intellectual peace
with darker skin,
and same-sex sex, but
forgive me
these vulgar creatures vowing to “Make America Great Again”
are still not me.
In them I see only blobs of bigotry
chowing through hillocks of hate, feeding themselves
(And perhaps too their mothers and fathers
hiding within.)

I’m told it’s complicated,
that these men
are not maybe
in control of how their rage is stored,
that evolution has wired them
to pocket away hatred like a squirrel
or acorn woodpecker
for a harsh winter
that never comes.

4 thoughts on “The Othered

  1. That is a very powerful drabble story there. Dawn, I’m glad you wrote it. I admit that I’ve struggled with my own judgments against other people despite being othered myself, but I have to fight against it and realize we need unity.


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