Lights of the Cove


By John Grey

There were stars of course,
glistening where the clouds would allow
and houselights
gleaming like fireflies on the slopes
and occasional flashes
of headlamps on the twisting road
down to the town below,
where, ocean-facing street aglow,
its phosphorescence
body surfed unending.


an optical enterprise
by conversation,
good food
and wine
into a more
tactile undertaking


The night’s entertainment
consisted of
a yodeler,
an accordionist,
two jugglers,
a spoons player
and a man in his nineties
reciting “The Shooting
Of Dan McGrew”
from memory.
You’re absolutely right.
You didn’t seem me there.

John Grey’s work has recently appeared in Homestead Review, Cape Rock and Columbia Review. He has work upcoming in Louisiana Review, Poem and Spoon River Poetry Review.


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