Repressed Memories


By Lauren Mann

Forget about it
Erase it
from your memory
Put it in a box
Throw the box
Out the window
Lock the window
Lock the door.
(You opened the door.)
No, you didn’t.
Lock your heart.
Lock it tight.
So tight
They can’t come in
(You let them in.)
No, you didn’t.
Throw the key
Down the drain
Drown the memories
In your sink
Bang your head
Against the wall
(You’re hurting me.)
Bang your fists
Until they bleed
(Stop hurting me.)
You don’t want
To remember
Can’t remember
(Something bad happened.)
(It didn’t.)

3 thoughts on “Repressed Memories

  1. Not usually a fan of darker pieces (I’ve brightened since my 20s 😂) but this is soooooo good. Really grabbed me and made me pay attention. Congrats


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