By MJ Brewer

For the fourth night in a row, the infant upstairs wails waking me up. I’m pissed as hell and grab the nearest thing I can find, a slipper, and hurl it against the ceiling. Barely tapping the ceiling, the slipper tumbles back and smacks me in the forehead. Angered, I stumble from the bed, listening to the baby screaming louder as if she’s disappointed in the show.

The light switch under my fingers illuminates the room. My slipper managed to knock over a glass of water drowning my cell phone.

The baby’s quiet now, but I can’t sleep.

4 thoughts on “Sleepless

  1. Well described. i was there with you and could totally relate to the blow back part of spilled water on the phone. Every time I ever lost it with one of my kids, it quickly came back to haunt me.


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