Forward from One, Back from Ten


By Tonesa Jones

A hole the size of my middle knuckle was left in the door after I retracted my fist. The skin was cut, discolored with industrial white paint. I dabbed peroxide on it, smooth the skin in place with salve, cradled my hand to my heart.

I counted backwards from ten. Forward from one. My skin cooled. My temper did not. I spread my palms on the carpet and held my weight in my arms, pushed my body against gravity until it collapsed against the floor.

My body was tired, but anger still lived there, balled inside my still bleeding fist.


3 thoughts on “Forward from One, Back from Ten

  1. I LOVE the description!! There’s not a word out of place in this. I think something that would really hammer the whole piece home for me is if you added the reason why the character is angry. I think one word bouncing around in their head like “cheater” or “fired” etc. and nothing more, would do it. What do you think?


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