By Paul Beckman

There are creeps everywhere. I hear my female co-workers talking about them over their cubicle walls. I sit on my bar stool nursing my gin and tonic staring straight ahead or doodling on a bar nap and listen to the women after work complaining about the creeps in their life. I don’t know what makes a guy a creep. One of the four women next to me at the bar looked up and our eyes met in the back bar mirror. She motioned for her girlfriends to follow her and pointed to a table. “Creep,” she said, passing behind me.

5 thoughts on “Creeps

  1. The novelty of a person willing to judge someone they see in a bar…..the same bar they are in….Is amusing. To avoid these types of women who like to judge…

    1. Don’t go to bars looking for women. A friendly drink with some comrades, in moderation, is acceptable. But otherwise, don’t go alone, and don’t go looking for women. No one of any good station, or reputable character finds prospective mates in a bar. Try a bank, a medical school.

    2. Women see “creeps” everywhere because generally, a lot of men can be. Though, the caliber of woman that passes judgement like this without knowing the person…is generally flighty and stupid. Thus rendering their opinion obsolete. You may notice too that many women who complain of creeps will likewise complain about the small armada of boyfriends they’ve had prior, who have earned one label or another.

    3. Just as men should have more…refined tastes in women….so should they regarding us. Perhaps if they pursued men outside of bars (no offense) they wouldn’t know so many creeps. Likewise, if we Gentlemen insisted on a woman of good pedigree, intellect, and strong character, we wouldn’t find ourselves in the company of the dregs.


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