By Bioman (aka Microman)

I have escaped from a Mental Institution near where I live over ten times. Eventually they closed the unit down because of its lack of security as illustrated by my escaping up the cherry tree, onto the fence and over the roof.


I cross the gap with ease
between my knees I carry my piece
of cake.
It shouldn’t look like this,
I hold true but it starts
to melt
this ardor I felt for your
arms again.

They close to me now
gated and sure
no fence allowed to be
here around my heart
for my escaping


4 thoughts on “Fences

  1. Thank you everyone – I would like to add that on the occasion I had in mind for this poem, I was going over the wall for sex with a good woman who understood it was my resistance that made me hospital material, repressing as it is – the Mental Health System in the UK, where they treat the symptom, not the patient. DOWN with the Biomedical Model of diagnosis!


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