By Kelvin M. Knight

Her mood spiraled from frustration to indignation to resentment. Words flew from her mouth like bullets. She couldn’t stop them. She didn’t want to stop them. She enjoyed her tongue being the trigger. After the vile things he’d done, she felt vindicated. For once she had the moral high ground. From up here she could spray bullets over him all night long. Her only misgiving was she couldn’t use bigger, heavier shells, drop words like bombs on him.

“I’m sorry,” he whimpered, cupping his groin.

“You bastard!” Her foot rocketed out. “You selfish bastard, I hate you! Fucking hate you!”

3 thoughts on “Self-Defense

  1. Well, well, Kelvin, like a kindred spirit, you’ve written something completely different too, everyone might think we conspired it that way….. You’re story was brilliant and straight to the point… must stop these puns….Well done mate..

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