Unable Gardener


By David P. Cantrell

I’m an unable and disabled gardener. (My gardening deficiency predates my spinal cord injury, by the way.) I bought an Early Boy tomato plant in March for $17. It was two feet tall and flowering. Today, I made an antipasto using the final six of the fifteen tomatoes produced by the plant.

The salad served three and included artichoke hearts, onion slices, mushrooms, homegrown basil, and gourmet olive oil. It was good with warmed Naan bread. I figure it cost $10 a plate. But hey, it was organic and gluten free. Crap, the Naan was full of gluten—never mind.

4 thoughts on “Unable Gardener

  1. I also bought not one, but two tomato plants (the cherry tomato kind) from a local grocer. They were so prolific I couldn’t keep up, almost like when Mickey Mouse “borrow” the Sorcerer’s hat and wand and ended up with too much of a good thing. At least you knew what was in your antipasto! Nice piece.


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