Butt Dialed


editors pick

By Barry Basden

An odd thing happened last Saturday. You somehow called my cell. Good that Tess was out shopping. I’ve been lucky that way. I don’t know why you still have me in your phone, though I’m glad you do. I kept saying hello? hello? but all I got back was vague noise.

There seemed to be several people in the room, so I listened awhile. Then I heard you ask Paul what he wanted for lunch. I kept listening because it was really nice to hear your voice again.

When I finally hung up, I didn’t say goodbye this time either.

8 thoughts on “Butt Dialed

  1. I’ve been butt-dialed by my ex on a couple of occasions. Each time there is this fantasy thought that she has reconsidered, and wants to give it a go. My heart and hopes leap and soar almost instinctively, then I realize what’s going on, and the wax melts, and my wings fall off, and I plummet to reality. Yep, that piece did all that for me. Saccharine.

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