The Ex


By Katherine A Toppin

I remember the moment I stopped loving him,
distressed the instant my heart broke.
Walls rose, protected me much like the ones he built around his ex.
My heart had enough as he desperately explained her in his life.
Bowed head in defeat knowing what he did not know.
Sad eyes unable to see our worth. You cannot hold us both.
“How can I pick our friends for you? I cannot demand you make a choice.”
In my heart, there should be none to make, if you love me.
An ex I became but not the same.

2 thoughts on “The Ex

  1. Not sure about
    “distressed the instant my heart broke”
    distressed and maybe relieved,
    or blessed and thrilled,
    I didn’t win,
    an ex is a pain in the solar-plex
    for which laughter is the best medicine:)


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