He Says


By D. Avery

He sees himself as a learner and a teacher. Adventure, yes, but never conquest, he says.

He loves, he says, says love is a borderland, its borders permeable and transient, a place for walls to crumble, for barriers to come down, an exercise of dissolution, a pursuit of communion.

Each encounter, he says, is the coalescing of commonalities and of differences, exploring paths of shared experiences while discovering new paths that lead to new territories, unbounded.

Yet inevitably he withdraws, retreats behind invisible lines, already looking to the next frontier, while she surveys the breach, takes stock, shores up.

10 thoughts on “He Says

  1. The heart of a true vagabond knows not to commit to anything… not to love… not to soulmate… except to the open road. Yet there are those who pretend to be vagabonds in order to have an excuse to be perpetual heart breakers. In the name of freedom, in the name of open roads…

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