Pink Dinosaur


By David P. Cantrell

Blue ribbon dangling from golden pony tails clash with the orange coat but match her plastic stethoscope; she is a doctor.

Green leggings hug chubby legs and complement the pink Einstein Tee but not her frightful roar; she is a dinosaur.

The great building climbs, block by block, and it is good, but not enough for her critical eye; she is an architect.

Tears and sobs don’t mar her beauty nor take long hold. Hurt and sadness are over-matched by her spirit; she is my granddaughter and will become an amazing woman that I won’t likely live to know.


7 thoughts on “Pink Dinosaur

  1. Beautifully sublime. So hopeful, so lovely, despite the realistic ending. I loved the phrase, “Hurt and sadness are over matched by her spirit.” Such a poignant message to us all, to me especially at the moment! Thank you, David. Thank you, T. N. Haynes and Rebecca Lee for selecting and posting!

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