On Days Like This


By Sophie Flynn

It is getting up when you can’t think of a reason to. It is putting on clothes when the fall of fabric scares you. It is lifting the shirt over your head without pulling it off and throwing it on the floor.

It is not digging your nails into your skin.

It is swallowing, without counting. It is swallowing again, even with counting. It is not just picking yourself up it is dragging your body back to the room it is not falling so far that this feels impossible.

It is not living, but it is something. So get up.


7 thoughts on “On Days Like This

  1. Many decades ago, I worked the night shift at a Suicide Prevention Center in Berkeley. I recall talking with depressed people who couldn’t sleep but couldn’t do anything else, and this was pretty much what I told them. Don’t wait for motivation. Just start moving. Motivation will take care of itself and in the meantime, you’re doing something. Something is better than nothing.


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