Pray, Mourn, Repeat


By Sheila Morris

The day was as perfect as only autumn days can be when she drove out of her driveway to the grocery store. Sunday had to be her day to buy groceries since she worked as a paralegal five days a week and visited her mother in the nursing home on Saturdays. The parking lot at the grocery store was crowded as she pulled into an open space. She didn’t hear the shot that hit her head dead center, but her horn blared as she slumped against the steering wheel and became a statistic of another mass murder in her country.


12 thoughts on “Pray, Mourn, Repeat

  1. It doesn’t have to be a mass shooting to be tragic. I just read about a man who shot six people and the news is calling it a “mass shooting”. Any death by violence is wrong and any crime should be punished.

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