A Friend Drops By


By Christine Goodnough

I made camp by a wilderness lake to enjoy some solitude. Almost. I did make friends with a curious skunk who found my frypan drippings appealing.

Next evening a motorboat roared in. Three hunters unloaded their gear, made camp, guzzled beer. Finally crawled into their tent to snore.

Later I heard sneezing; the skunk was nosing among the ashes. When he headed for the newcomers’ tent, I whispered. “Wrong way, Moufette.”

His visit incited shouts, then three splashes as our reeking visitors hit the lake.

I fried extra bacon the next night. It’s nice to have friends drop in.

19 thoughts on “A Friend Drops By

    1. Everything in moderation. We’d be able to live in harmony with the skunk that’s dug its den under our trailer, but some other creature doesn’t. So now and then there’s a battle and we get the after-fumes — and feel definite discord with the thing!


    1. This was someone else’s experience and I think he’d have no trouble with pigs. Actually, I read a story once about a family that got their boy, very allergic to dog & cat hair, a pet pig. Worked well until the pig got huge.


    1. Some folks, when they wake up in the night and see a skunk nosing in their tent, have enough sense to be quiet and move slow. Others panic, shriek, and leap about. Which leads to a midnight dip in the nearest body of water.
      Glad you found this little tale amusing. I laughed, too, when I heard the original account.

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