Slush Pile


By F. C. Malby

There was little more satisfying than finding a gem in the slush pile. The agent raised an eyebrow when I began looking. It said, you’ll be lucky if you can get past the first sentence.

I found it, one morning after a rush to the office, a barking dog a spilt coffee on a pressed shirt: a piece of writing that made me sit up and ignore everything for ten, maybe fifteen minutes: the words transported me into someone else’s skin in an unfamiliar part of the globe. It smacked at my face, waking me up with ice cold water.

F.C. Malby is a contributor to Unthology 8 and Hearing Voices: The Litro Anthology of New Fiction. Her debut novel, Take Me to the Castle, won The People’s Book Awards. Her stories have also appeared in Litro MagazineEther Books, Spontaneity Magazine, 1000 Words, Flash Fiction Magazine, Flash Flood JournalThe Puffin Review, Vending Machine Press, and Friday Flash Fiction.


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