Allahu Akbar


By Robina Rader

“You’ll be sorry. You could have married me and had status and respect.”

“I’d rather die!”

“That can be arranged.“

He dragged her to the camp chief and said, “I’ve brought you a volunteer, sir.”

Two men held the girl while another fastened the suicide belt around her.

“You will go today to Paradise,” said the chief. “Find a crowd in town, where the infidels refuse to honor Jihad. Then press this button. Allahu akbar!”

The girl snatched the detonator and screamed, “Allahu akbar, Pigs!” as she pushed the button.

4 thoughts on “Allahu Akbar

  1. Very poignant give the Manhattan truck terror killings a few days ago, although I also consider the Texas church shootings an act of terrorism, although with quite a different motive.


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