Lots, Items, Knacks, Everything


By Deb Whittam

To the counter she marched
resolute, chin held high as
she looked the shopkeeper
directly in the eye.

That painting, there, the one
above the door, I’ll give
you twenty dollars,
not a penny more.

Silence met her words
but with a nod he agreed
and painting in her hand, she smirked,
there had been no need to plead.

At home she unwrapped
her highly sought after prize
only to discover on the frame
a notation that made shock arise.

twenty she had paid,
twenty she had offered,
but the tag clearly stated
clearance – just one dollar.

8 thoughts on “Lots, Items, Knacks, Everything

  1. Reblogged this on Read 4 Fun and commented:
    Bargaining is almost a requirement where I live. If not to get the best price, it allows me to maintain face so that my friends don’t immediately claim “But I got it for only …” As a guest in the country (Indonesia) I am always guaranteed to get a “special price” but it is rarely one I would choose. But I must beware becoming the smart shopper who knows too much. Bahasa Indonesian has a phrase for it that translates roughly as “overthinking.”

    The following post illustrates the point in poetry.


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