By Eva Rivers

The couple are getting older and the threats are everywhere. The fire. The gas. The stairs. Burglars. The weather. And the vast green space that encroaches upon their house.
“We should move,” says the woman.
“Where to?” asks the man.
“To a place where we can cope,” says the woman.
“I don’t know,” says the man.
Every day they make new lists: Reasons to Leave and Reasons to Stay. And every day they feel defeated. They’d like to move but for nothing to change (except for the threats). Which means that now, there’s nowhere for them to go.

Eva Rivers lives and works in London. Her fiction has appeared in Fictive Dream, Sick Lit Magazine, Penny Shorts, The Drabble, 101 Words, Firefly Magazine, Storgy and Scribble Magazine.

One thought on “Threats

  1. My Dad died last April and my elderly Mom whose dementia is worsening, is preparing to move from their home into a Senior Citizen’s facility. At first she resisted the loss of independence, but she can no longer drive and is terribly lonely without my Dad in their house, so now she’s really looking forward to being around other people her age. Yes, there are threats to us as we age, but as long as we are not alone, we can also be protected.

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