Her Today


By Kelvin M. Knight

She could do this.

Today she wouldn’t recoil from the cannula’s bite. Today she wouldn’t fear that dripping sound drowning her. Today her watchword was welcome. Welcome the medication. Welcome this boredom. Welcome that afterwards pain and energy drain.

“All streams flow to the ocean because it is lower than they are. Humility gives the ocean its power.”

Lao Tzu’s words rippled over her as she closed her eyes. She saw her brain as a waterfall, her veins as rivers of light flowing into the ocean of herself. As her fears washed away, she positioned her arm, whispering, “Thank you.”

4 thoughts on “Her Today

    1. Yes, thank you. White counts all where they should be back in Nov, just over a year later, so the treatment was effective —for which I’m very grateful. But a cancer patient loses their sense of “I still have years yet,” so I’m doing a mass decluttering of stashed scribblings/articles and computer files.

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