Ode to a Lopsided Marriage


By Gina Ryan

He …
acerbates, denigrates, deprecates, devaluates,
equivocates, exaggerates, exasperates, fabricates,
hibernates, humiliates, implicates, indoctrinates,
infuriates, manipulates, obfuscates, pontificates,
prevaricates, retaliates, suffocates, titillates,
masticates, urinates, defecates, and masturbates.

I don’t care that he masturbates … just not in front of me.

She …
adulates, approximates, aspirates, assimilates,
calculates, celebrates, commiserates, concentrates,
delegates, domesticates, designates, educates,
elevates, elucidates, evaluates, extricates,
formulates, incubates, investigates, invigorates,
meditates, procreates, radiates, and resonates.

Okay, she does procrastinate.

She …
Articulates, cogitates, commemorates, demonstrates,
deviates, elongates, enumerates, facilitates,
generates, implicates, legislates, mediates,
navigates, promulgates, reciprocates, and remonstrates.

Enough about her.


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