By scribejr

In the beginning, it is just a little sapling. It promises a future where it can grow majestically and proudly despite the efforts of an unpredictable, violent, and lonely world.

It grows further, fending off fiery events and unforeseen stormy periods. It grows strong, it is unique. It will outlast many others, each one has a story to tell.

It survives and thrives because that is what its nature dictates. It can sway, it can be chipped at, but it cannot fail.

The Baobab tree. I wonder what else it could be?

4 thoughts on “Human/Nature

  1. The picture caught my eye. Then I enjoyed reading. For five years, I lived 3 days out in the Tanzania bush; on day two as we neared our second night stay, we past a hundred Baobab trees. You made me miss seeing the tree, your work touched me.

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