Delicate Conversation Needed


By Carolyn Black

She’d cherished the little pot for 40 years, remembers slipping it into her pocket when she found it, the rusty nails inside made a tinkling sound and the soot-blackened lid left a smudge on her coat. Cleaning revealed the silver cap and delicate, multi-faceted glass sides.

In her possession it had contained, variously, earrings, paperclips, moisturizers and face creams. Her daughter dipped her fingers into the coconut oil and asked her about the pot’s history. She’d always admired it and it fits in her hand perfectly. Soon, when she dies, her daughter will inherit it. Somehow she must tell her.


5 thoughts on “Delicate Conversation Needed

  1. Wow! That is hauntingly powerful. I read it too fast the first time (there was someone distracting me) and missed where the real focus of the story is. I don’t know if you are a photographer at all, but this is, through your word picture, what a photographer often does in trying to create “bokeh” … the real message is sometimes in the blurred background.

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  2. That’s an interesting observation, about me being a photographer. I am an artist. This story is based on a pot I own and is a fictional expansion on the reality. I am not dying! Phew. You can see the actual pot on my website and in a video on youtube


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