Easy Writer


By Pat Brunson

IT WAS A DARK AND STORMY NIGHT, or perhaps it wasn’t, but I needed to start someplace. Tired of the blank screen mocking me to no end. “Look who thinks he’s a writer.” Staring at me. “Is that your third cup?” I cracked my knuckles to limber my fingers. “Checking email?” THEY RODE OFF INTO THE SUNSET. THE END. I pushed spell check again. Now to fill in the middle with 85,000 words; presto, a novel. This is so damn easy.


10 thoughts on “Easy Writer

  1. I recently lamented about the difficulties of becoming published in SF/F, but not just relative “filling in” 85,000 words. I guess if I’m “quirky” enough to writing in that direction, I might not fit into anyone’s pigeon hole. In the end, all any of us wants to do is write a good story and have others enjoy it.


    1. James. Both my unpublished books are 85,000 words. The second ended at 35K, so I literally added in 50K more words, but not as fluff, but new chapters with more twists (of daggers) and turns (down alley ways), it helped fully develop my hero. Who else writes in Times New Roman 12 font double spaced? @patbrunson for cartoons.

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  2. This post was particularly good. I will set aside two hours to write. I’ll stare at the blank screen for awhile. Then I’ll write ANYTHING to get the ball moving, my mind going, and the story flowing. It works.


  3. I have been re editing my book and the third chapter begins terrible and the more I try to rewrite it the worse it seems. The middle and the end is great but I can not seem to get that beginning. Good luck


  4. Keep trying. Do you need the third chapter? Cut it down and combine with chapter four. I met with an agent in October about my first novel, 35,000 words, she wanted 80,000. Without adding fluff to any chapter, I just added conflict between the already conflict without changing the story or ending. Editing! Cartooning @patbrunson


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