Here She Comes


By Phil Town

Here she comes. My God, look at her! With the sun behind her, giving her an almost-halo. How confidently she walks. Wearing her high-heels today, I see. They make her legs go on till next Tuesday. Or maybe that’s just perspective. Whatever, they’re beautiful. And so is she. Am I objectifying? Of course. But what else have I got until I talk to her? That’s going to happen today, though. I promised myself. The red skirt, then. I like that one. Here she comes. Here she comes. Now or never.
Tomorrow. I’ll speak to her tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Here She Comes

  1. But my God the sun is front of her. You see, the shadow at her rear like jaws that will swallow you whole? And her shoes are flat. Also, she is tiny. Her legs and her entire body would fit into her handbag. If you snatched her bag and ran, and she chased you? Yes, what a dream that would be. And you might fold her into the handbag and take her shopping with you every day. xx

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