It Was Meant To Be


By Drooger

It was our second date. She looked ravishing. I couldn’t believe she was with me. I wanted to do everything right. We walked. We talked. We laughed. We continued walking long after the sun went down.

The car came from out of nowhere—through the stop sign and on the sidewalk. I tried to grab her.

I think of that day often. Would we have had more dates? Would we have married? It’s strange how life turns out. I married the policewoman that investigated the accident.

3 thoughts on “It Was Meant To Be

  1. My GF and I were almost hit by a car: the woman behind the wheel had a heart attack. She pushed me out of the way and then ran in the opposite direction. The car took down a large pole (once a telephone pole?). She and I were fine, but boy did that color the rest of that weekend.

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