In the Avenue


By SarahJaneDobbs

The avenue holds its breath. The small man hasn’t seen the husband’s van for three whole days. Leanne is hanging out washing. The small man has heard her roar at everything to leave her alone: the children; the stupid yellow dog; the red-faced delivery man hefting weekly groceries; the husband. It’s clear what she actually needs is help. He’s promised himself he would, if needed. Tut tut go the pegs on tiny arms of tiny cardigans. Click-clack go her flip-flops.

“Did you do that?” she says. “That’s lovely.”

The small man hears the van out front, huffing.

Sarah is a lecturer in creative writing and runs the Sunderland University Short Story Award. Her first novel, Killing Daniel, was published in 2012 and other work has been published / broadcast by Flash Journal, Chester, Litro and the BBC.

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