Meeting Momma


By Mary Ellen Gambutti

Maybe I felt her tentative touch before I was swaddled and taken away by the sister. Does my mother recall whether she held me? Her eyes are moist and puffy, her face flushed with some unknowable emotion. Flood of recollection or regret? Maybe pang of pride, confusion, or anxiety which I’ve inherited? I take charge of the feelings and hug her. “Hello, Momma! So good to see you!” She yields to my warmth, and murmurs something – perhaps not meant for me, but for the gods. I wonder if she is hurting, and if we can ever be happy.

Mary Ellen’s stories appear or are forthcoming in Gravel Magazine, Wildflower Muse, The Remembered Arts Journal, The Vignette Review, Modern Creative Life, A Thousand and One Stories, Halcyon Days, Nature Writing, PostCard Shorts, Memoir Magazine, Haibun Today, Soft Cartel Magazine, Carpe Arte, and Borrowed Solace.

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