In America


By Bryan Jansing

In America the apricots are too big, pears too hard, tasteless, the apples too shiny. In America the streets are immense, the cars enormous, the traffic lights monstrous. In America, the people are tall, large, overweight. In America, I am small, little, my hair too curly, my eyes too dark. In America, I’m not America, I’m strange, foreign, my clothes weird. In America, the boys fight, the girls laugh at me. In America, I don’t belong and I long, so much, so very much not to be in America. But in America, there’s nowhere to go, but America.
Bryan Jansing’s flash fiction was included in Fast Forward Vol. 3, The Mix Tape (2010), a finalist for the Colorado Book Awards. He has also written for Beer Advocate, Celebrator, Primo and Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.


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