By Jeff Remling

Last transmission. Ship’s power almost gone. My suit will lose power in a few minutes. Williams’ suit lost power five minutes ago. In the end, he took off his helmet to die quickly. Gave me an idea. The temperature in the command capsule is now well below the temperature used to store biological samples. If memory serves, at these temperatures ice crystals do not form in ways that can damage cell membranes. I intend to take off my suit. The quick freezing may preserve us like unborn embryos. Find us! Our speed is 114,709 kph. Our trajectory is  [[TRANSMISSION LOST]]

One thought on “[BEGIN TRANSMISSION]

  1. Decades ago, I read a story in a science fiction graphic magazine about an astronaut stranded on one of Saturn’s moons, I think. He was in a hopeless situation, like this person, and took his helmet off, thinking he’d die fast. However, while in the shade, it was cold enough for his brain to work via superconducting (this wouldn’t really work for a lot of reasons), but it would “shut off” when the sun rose and “warmed” him.

    Apparently, there was something living there which he could perceive while in the shade but was powerless to do anything about.

    I have no idea which mag it was in or who wrote and drew the tale.

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