The Helper


By Phil Town

“I can help you.”
“I don’t need help.”
“You look like you do.”
“I’ll get over it.”
“I can help you forget.”
“Maybe I don’t want to forget.”
“You don’t want to forget what’s making you miserable?!”
“Maybe not. Maybe it’s time to just face it down …”
“I can help you do that, too.”
“… on my own.”
“It’ll be easier with me, you know?”
“I know, but … You have been a good friend, it’s true.”
“Sorry, yes. I’m pouring you down the sink.”

4 thoughts on “The Helper

  1. I liked it. Great dialog. I think it would have been better with a different picture (not your choice), then the ending would have been a surprise, but with the picture of the bottle it is still good.


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