The Perfect Place


By Mark Tulin

My mother died, but don’t worry,
she’s all right, doing just fine,
spends her days in a wooden box
with me sleeping on the grass outside.

She’s calm. Doesn’t say a word,
doesn’t eat a thing, doesn’t move an inch—
Nothing seems to hurt, plenty of fresh air,
warm sunshine and cool nights.

She’s where she wants to be,
her son by her side
deep in the woods—
The perfect place to reside.

Ashes burnt from the past,
memories drifting in the sea,
no longer flesh and achy bones,
no longer cataracts and hammertoes.

Mark Tulin’s poetry chapbook is titled Magical Yogis.

7 thoughts on “The Perfect Place

  1. Beautifully expressed, Mark. It has touched me deeply. It reminds me of my father’s death. I let him go and rest in peace as the narrator of the poem (whether fiction or real you?). How well you have captured these last moments where accompanying the beloved person to the other world is vital. My father had the same kind of death, a most peaceful one if possible.


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