The Day My Plumbing Was Repaired—


By ajwal328

—a subway strike. Everyone wheeling to the City, and damn early: work, matinees, Christmas blooming. Ken arrived 4 a.m. in his old Elantra, acquired from Korean Rex: bad brakes, bald tires, balky wipers, freezing rain and perched on the edge of despair and divorce. I’d die at his—Hands on the wheel! Asshole—not etherized upon a table. Close, he hit the brakes, slowed to fifteen. I stumbled into a puddle, rediscovering living’s unbearable when your feet’re wet. Happy now for a dry gown, ass exposed; happy for a warm, welcome blanket; happy for dry paper booties. Happy even here.

Alan Walowitz is a Contributing Editor at Verse-Virtual and teaches at Manhattanville College. His chapbook, Exactly Like Love, is in its second printing.

2 thoughts on “The Day My Plumbing Was Repaired—

  1. Was glad to be of service to you that night, old friend….don’t remember your exiting my Elantra at 15 mph, though..I stopped in front of the hospital..there were puddles everywhere…said good luck, but then had to shove you out the door when it became apparent you were starting to have second thoughts… Don Corleone said to the baker, someday I may call on you to repay that service…but that day (hopefully) may never come…

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