Reality Check


By D.A. Donaldson

A snicker emanates from across the room, soft and malevolent. That’s Mark, one of our regulars. I don’t know his diagnosis, but his illness is more subdued than most of the others. A small crowd shuffles in just before Noon; twentysomethings living at the encampment in the woods along the river, about two miles down the road. A fight breaks out. Jessica’s pock-marked boyfriend looks desperate as they troll Facebook, wanting to score some tar from their dealer.

“Get a job at the library,” they said. “You get to read books all day!”

They have no idea.

D.A. Donaldson maintains a short-fiction blog whilst clerking at the local public library.


4 thoughts on “Reality Check

  1. Love what you’ve written, but I equally like your name! D. A. Donaldson, makes you sound very mysterious, well bred, confident, and extremely clever which you probably are!
    I’m not sure F. B. Wood as the impact, maybe I’ll try for a season!
    Happy reading!
    Do people still go to the library these days?🤔

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  2. Thanks, Fiona! D.A. are my real initials… they inspire me to write crime fiction, mostly. And yes, people still come to the library! Sadly, many of them resemble what I’ve written here, at least in the urban library where I work. My day often consists of maintaining order and correcting bad behavior, with very little “bookish” activity. But at least I can sneak in some writing! 🙂

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