By Suzanne Martinez

A few Budweisers lubricated the tongues of the guilt-ridden flock, begetting confessions with illuminating results. Father Keenan officiated on his barstool at Morgan’s with his pug, Stinky. The case of the missing votive candles was resolved when Ted tearfully confessed he stole them to read by, since his electricity was cutoff after shooting his wad on unlucky Lucky Lydia in the Fourth at Pimlico. Vic admitted he’d crushed the altar flowers again backing up to ogle the buff yoga instructor. Stinky napped during the confessions, dreaming of kibble and the hydrant on the corner. Absolution given, consciences cleared, dog walked.

Suzanne Martinez has studied fiction at The New School, NYU, the Kenyon Review Writers Workshop, and the NYS Writers Institute. She has work upcoming in the Hong Kong Literary Review in January.

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