The Dinner. The Dishes. The Disdain.


By Hannah Clark

It’s time to prove your worth, kid. Dig deep and find something within yourself that no one can be certain is there until you reach in and drag it out, hand over fist. Deeper. Go deeper. It has to be in there because your parents assured everyone they put it there. In every act of kindness that they showed you and in every criticism they withheld from your hearing; they have instilled compassion in you. Now it’s time, you hopeless golden child, even if hunched and panting from the effort, to lower your phone and say: Can I help?

Hannah Clark is an MA student at Manchester Metropolitan University, studying Creative Writing. Her work has appeared in Spelk Fiction, Litro, Reflex Fiction, and been shortlisted for The Short Story Flash 400 Autumn 2018 competition.

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