A Few of Our Favorite Drabbles of 2018


By The Drabble

To celebrate the conclusion of the fourth calendar year of our existence, we present some our favorite posts of 2018. While we are grateful to every Drabble reader and writer for helping to make this site such an unexpected success, we want to recognize a few pieces that truly accomplished what we were setting out to do when we began this blog almost four years ago. Here (in no particular order) are a few drabbles we loved in 2018, enjoy:

The Envy of the Village by J.E. Kennedy

Disappearing is Harder Than You’d Think by Anonymous

Grief by J. Hardy Carroll

Pack Your Bags by Hombrehompson

The Very Short Poem by John Malone

Table for One by rlmcooper

A Love Letter by Minyoung Lee

Mother – A Poem by Katharine Griffiths

Unwritten Poetry  by B.

Inspiration by D.A. Donaldson

On a Gravestone in Ireland by Sandra Arnold

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