Animal Costumes


By James Burt

In Portugal, it is illegal to dress any animal as a human. The law has remained on the statute book for centuries, although the fine remains the same, at one silver piece. It’s allowed for people to dress as animals, but only before noon or on Sundays – and decorating buildings as animals is essential in Lisbon on Easter weekend. But if you put a bonnet on a bunny, a waistcoat on a dog, or sunglasses on a cat, it’s a police matter. Even tourists get arrested – and the British embassy never intervene as ignorance of the law is no excuse.

James writes in Brighton, England, where he runs the Not for the Faint-Hearted writing workshop.

4 thoughts on “Animal Costumes

  1. Sounds sensible to me, though perhaps the original law wasn’t worried about humiliation or the animal’s right to personal integrity! The day will come when it will be politically incorrect to dress your sweet kitten or macho bulldog up for Facebook!


  2. I mean… I don’t much care for seeing animals dressed up at all. But, I do have a hoodie and sweater for my little which she only dons in Autumn and Winter b/c of the cold. Heck, I’d have no problem adhering to that law. LOL.


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