Magical Thinking


By diannemoritz

Do you spit out words as you

might a bite of bruised apple?

Say: Today my dog died?

Do you tell how you watched

the light fade from her

soulful eyes, nothing left

but bones and soft fur?

Should you mention you cried out,

wanting to kill the messenger?

How this longing hurts, sometimes

believing she will amble back home,

tail thumping, cold nose pressed

against your lonely hand …

Dianne writes poetry and picture books for kids. Her next book, Hey Little Beachcomber, will be out in April, 2019. She is a frequent contributor to Highlights magazine.

10 thoughts on “Magical Thinking

  1. For several years I tried writing picture books. I joined SCBWI and a few critique groups, took classes, worked with a coach. Throughout, my husband told me to write a blog. A blog with picture book text and no pictures? (I’m no artist.) I couldn’t imagine it.

    Finally I realized that the stories I tell are about my dog. For several years now he’s been my writing muse, whether I am writing something humorous about life with dog, something from his point of view, or using the intersection of our lives as a jumping off point to delve deeper into a life truism.

    Always niggling at the back of my mind is what will I do when he dies. As a member of our family, he is so important. As my weekly writing muse, our relationship has only deepened. Your poem touched this cold hard truth that he will be gone.

    Thank you for sharing your poem and putting it all into words.

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