The Poems I Have Not Written


By johnlmalone

I am outside late at night
Writing poems
About the poems
I have not written
The ones I’ve shied away from
Because of embarrassment
Or timidity
Or fear of shedding my jovial persona
And find
Somewhat alarmingly
That the poems I have not written
Far outnumber those I have

John Malone is a South Australian writer of short stories, flash fiction and poetry.

23 thoughts on “The Poems I Have Not Written

  1. Wow – this was very impressive! It’s kind of like ‘you always miss the shots you don’t take’ but more… well, recognizing that you might have missed even if you do take the shot. One of my favorite posts I’ve read today, so thank you!

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  2. thank you. I am pleased with my little poem. I have since resolved to reverse the ratio and to write without fear of embarrassment — within reason, of course, and therein lies the rub 🙂

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  3. Been there John. I have avoided certain ideas and themes through fear.
    I posted two poems yesterday and when I looked at my activity I was shocked to see that it’s been a year and a half since I last wrote. The first came in one outpouring and it was such a relief. The second came to me as I drove home and I put it down, barely edited, just to do it. As I write this another is forming and I’ll write it as I see it. It’s probably the best way.

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  4. I am part of writing group and a few months ago, one of the girls came to me at the end of the session and asked me why was I always writing sad things, are you always sad she asked? Since then I do censure my writing thinking about her reaction… I know it’s crazy

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    1. it’s understandable you feel that way; my advice would be to try and broaden your subject matter: I run two blogs, one for my darker mATerial, the other for the lighter, more optimistic stuff


  5. I have notebooks filled with half-thoughts, half written poems. Some are too painful to release, for now. But somehow, having put them down on paper – the release begins, the letting go of pain.

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  6. I unfortunately often find myself drifting away from pieces of my writing. I don’t know whether I dont connect as much as I hope to or I just know I could do better, but none the less they lay there abandoned in a drawerer probably to never be seen again.


  7. Excellent poem! I’ve recently started running my own page and I was wondering if I reblog this poem could you possibly reblog one of mine? I have a few published on my page alongside my normal blogs


  8. You know something? This reminds me of the stories that I “have not written”, and there are a few. Mostly because I am my own worst critic, I write and then look at what I have written, then ARRGH, “what is this?” I say to myself. Then the piece never finds its way out of my hard drive where others could offer input on it.


  9. I was wondering about this same sort of thing last night, going over all sketch books from the 80s, photos from the 2000’s, and unfinished canvases from last year – and decided that was good. My reservoir to draw from the rest of my years, I can’t do it all 😊


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