Why Can’t Mommy Mow?


By Ruth Polk

Mommy tries squeezing this lever.
Mommy tries pushing that button.
Mommy tries many combinations of squeezing and pushing.
But Mommy can’t mow.

Mommy remembers the battery.
Mommy puts the battery in.
Mommy squeezes this lever.
Mommy pushes that button.
Mommy tries many combinations.
But Mommy can’t mow.

Mommy pushes down on the battery.
Mommy touches the lever.
The mower runs away.
Mommy chases after it.

Mommy figures out how to slow mower down.
Use battery.
Squeeze lever.
No grass is cut.
Mommy abandons mower.

Mommy goes to garage.
Mommy gets out one-handed, broken push mower.
Mommy mows the lawn.

I write so I can laugh at the ridiculous things that life throws my way.

11 thoughts on “Why Can’t Mommy Mow?

    1. Yes, I liked our push mower until one of the handles snapped off. We were also having trouble finding someone who could sharpen it so we tried this electric, battery-powered version.

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    1. Yes, it was a frustrating moment. However, writing it down helped me see the humor in it. Plus, my 15-year-old son, upon listening to the poem, was able to figure out where I had gone wrong. I have now actually managed to use the battery-powered mower successfully!!

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  1. Yes, you are correct. Daddy is a great cook. Daddy is happy to make dinner and go to the market. He’s not so keen on doing laundry, but that’s another story. Daddy even mows the lawn. He was traveling that day and the lawn needed attention. After my abortive attempt to use the electric mower, I emailed the poem to him. He thought it was so funny that it occurred to me to cut it down to 100 words and submit it to the drabble!


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