Puzzling It Out


By diannemoritz

You go along, putting life’s pieces together, one by one. Like a jigsaw puzzle, sometimes they fit snuggly: bird on a nest, sweet peas on a trellis. Then, just when you think you’re ready for the next piece, you lose it under the tablecloth or discover it’s all wrong … glaring sun, or cloud cover. Rounded corners instead of square. You need firm ground, find empty sky. Or vice versa. Always you desire roses without thorns. Love, not war. The biggest problem comes when you’re almost finished. There’s no escaping that last bit … it’s there, right there, waiting for final placement.

Dianne Moritz enjoys capturing brief moments in time, celebrating trials, tribulations, and beauty of life. She dreams of publishing a book of all her drabble.

4 thoughts on “Puzzling It Out

    1. thank you…I learned to write specific images from Kate Northrup in the Iowa Writer’s Workshop. She was a student and I took a correspondence course in the 90’s. It was one of my greatest learning experiences ever. She is now a prof in Wyoming. You can google her.


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