A True Gentleman


By Toni G.

As I searched my pockets
for a few dollars
to place into his torn
paper cup, he smiled
at me, a huge toothless
grin. I could not help
but smile back.
He reached out then,
grabbed my left
hand, and before
I could predict
his next move, he
planted a sopping
wet kiss onto my knuckles.
Without a word, he
turned and walked
away with little more
than a nod of his head
and a wink.
I stood there, dumbfounded,
gawking after him, thinking
not even King Arthur could
have been more noble.

Toni G. writes poetry, flash fiction and song lyrics. She believes that everyone is a poet. She writes because there’s just so much that needs to be said.

5 thoughts on “A True Gentleman

  1. Wow, I love WordPress what a great way to find talent that you enjoy so much. I read a post once about (and no judgement towards the person who posted this either) that we post and then someone likes our work and then we like and follow them. Kind of a way to get our numbers up. My experience has been finding people who write amazing poetry, wild sci-fi and artist who take photos that will make you cry. When I read this poem it immediately invoked a cherished memory of a similar experience. I believe you likely met an angel that day. I know I did!!! Thanks for sharing, this beautiful memory. Your right there is so much to be said.

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