Going Home


By Traci Mullins

As she did every morning, Dottie wheeled her small pink suitcase to the double doors and waited.

A smiling woman approached and asked where she was going.

“Home,” Dottie answered.

“I think you’re early for the bus,” the nice woman said. “I’ll show you where you can sit comfortably until it gets here.”

Dottie thanked her and followed her down the hallway, back to her room at Sunset Memory Care.

“I once heard that a tiny story is like a work of art on a grain of rice. I’m enticed by the challenge to give readers a meaningful experience in a tiny package.” – the author

6 thoughts on “Going Home

  1. I did volunteer work for a home for the Elderly. Every Friday evening, I would sit with residents at the door waiting for rides home that were never coming. The would regale me with stories of “Yanks” they met during the war. Thank you from reminding me of this poignant experience.


  2. wow, great story! I had an experience like this when visiting my dad in the dementia ward, 2 ladies asked me to take them home. I would hope that there are kind caretakers in these places such as in your story, but I’m doubtful. your story seared my heart.

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