Running Stitches


By Janna Miller

Growing up, Settie basted together her days in light running stitches, so she could go back to them when she wanted. Sometimes it just pierced a smile on a dark day, while others it highlighted hours in the sun, done with a full scalloped border in Nordic Blue. The years when her needle dulled, she added a new thread in surgeon’s knots to move through thickened fabric to a better canvas. And later, when she could not see in the dimmer light, she gently pulled her life together, in a gathering of days, one memorable piece next to the other.

Janna writes to keep ahead of her daydreams (by just a little bit). Otherwise, she is a librarian, mother, and minor trickster.

6 thoughts on “Running Stitches

  1. I love your beautiful comparison to stitches with life and those moments to remember. In the end I saw hew sewing pieces of cloth together building her memory quilt. Beautiful piece. Thank you.

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