The Sermon


By Ian Fletcher

The old bishop sat alone in the choir an hour before the service and wept.

It had been a harsh winter. More infants and children in the parish had died than usual.

Seeing the little coffins at the burials had pushed him over the edge of doubt.

How could a loving God oversee such suffering and loss?

The cathedral’s nave slowly filled. The congregation awaited.

Was he still worthy to preach to his flock about the resurrection and salvation?

His heart and spirit were broken.

Yet he rose.

Seeing the multitude before him, he delivered the sermon of his life.

“I write to capture my reflections on life and share them with others.” – the author

2 thoughts on “The Sermon

  1. The image… tragic is the word that comes to mind. Sometimes, the greatest pain can be used to build something beautiful. Odd how life made it that way… Congratulations to Ian for this piece!


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