My Father


By Dianne Moritz

My father was not
a strong man,
so I’ve heard.
He boozed,
with woman,
Mother said,
words rattling
like pebbles
in my toy maraca,
till I wanted
to scream my ears off.

One summer day,
he grabbed
his billfold
and left us …
Smooth as stone.

Dianne Moritz, seeks understanding of her troubled relationship with her mother. She writes poetry and picture books for children since retiring from teaching in inner city Los Angeles.

10 thoughts on “My Father

  1. This is nice drabble you’ve created. You’ve built up a nice scene with reference to words spoken by your mother, building on the reader’s emotional investment until the last lines, which are void of emotion. However, after reading your short bio, I’m left wondering if it wasn’t the actions your father was accused of that upset you, but your mother’s defacement of your father’s character. Interesting piece.

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  2. It was complicated, of course, but she was merely stating the facts. (She always loved him.) It was the loss of him in general that affected me and my future relationships with men. Thanks for the input, James.


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