Final Jeopardy


By Paul Beckman

I ignored the doorbell because I was waiting for the Final Jeopardy question, but heavy knocks began. I opened the door, told the man standing there to come in and be quiet for five minutes and sit down. Instead, he walked into my kitchen, rummaged around in my refrigerator, and made himself a stone ground mustard and Swiss on seeded rye—one of my favorite sandwiches. After I nailed the question I looked in on him and he was eating his sandwich leaning over the sink, just as I do, so as not to spill crumbs on the linoleum floor.

“I write to see what’s on my mind.” – the author

18 thoughts on “Final Jeopardy

  1. Love the story even though I’m not sure I understand it. But I do identify with the importance of the final Jeopardy question.


  2. I actually see you talking about yourself. You want to still yourself but it is difficult. Like a poet waiting for the words to come, so we go about tasks but not in a mindful way. Instead, we are thinking of what we can write about. In doing so you found your words. Just saying ..​.. That is what is so great about poet​​ry we all feel something different. I love this piece.


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